The Athos

of Peloponnese

Tripoli is located in the heart of Arcadia and having the modern city as your base, you can tour the ancient monasteries and shrines which dominate the beautiful scenery. Due to the number of historical monasteries that make Arcadia exquisite, it is also called “Mount Athos of Peloponnese”.

Just 11 km away from Tripoli, near Neochori, stands the beautiful and imposing Monastery of Varses. This is one of the most emblematic and historic monasteries of the Peloponnese which was built in the 16th century. The monastery grounds, which are dedicated to Saint Nicholas, oversee the whole of Mantinea and thus it is called “the balcony of Mantinea.” Inside the beautiful church, from a secret headspring, runs holy water! The beautiful landscape, the architectural beauty of the monastery and its unique treasures, make it an ideal place of spiritual uplifting and when in Tripoli, a short excursion to the Monastery of Varses should not be missed.

In the cool and evergreen Arcadian mountains, many other monasteries of great historical value and unimaginable beauty are nestled… The Monastery of Philosophou is an invaluable spiritual jewel. It is the oldest Arcadian monastery, built in the 10th century in the western, magical side of the gorge of Lucius river. A captivating path of 86 km leads from Tripoli to Dimitsana and the Philosophou Monastery. You will find yourself in a stunning paradise of indescribable beauty and religious value.

Opposite the Philosophou monastery stands the Monastery of St. John the Baptist, one of the largest and most impressive monasteries of the Peloponnese, perched on the rock. One can access the monastery via the magnificent village of Stemnitsa, just 39 km from Tripoli.

The monastery of Elona, the most famous of all, perhaps because of the rare landscape that surrounds it – built in a vertical red rock of incredible beauty – it is on the way to Cosmas, just 107 km away from Tripoli. It’s worth finding yourself in this marvellous landscape, admiring this historic monastery which was built in the 16th century and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary

The Monastery of Emialon, in the impressive gorge of Lucius, the Monastery of Kernitsa with its masterly carved iconostasis, the Monastery of Epano Chrepa – this is the highest monastery in Greece, visible from Tripoli – the Monastery of Gorgoepikoos, the Monastery of Loukous and dozens of other major monasteries and chapels are a jewel of spirituality and architectural beauty that are worth a visit.

With the Anaktorikon Hotel in Tripoli as a starting point you can tour the beautiful monasteries, combining an excursion with the discovery of the religious treasures of Arcadia. The options are endless! We are looking forward to offering you our well-known and authentic hospitality of Arcadia so as to discover for yourself the secrets of our religious tradition.