Hidden Gems


Tripoli is one of the most historic cities of the Peloponnese. Being a modern and vibrant city just 157 km from Athens, is an ideal destination all year round. It is the natural centre of Arcadia, a region with vast history and beauty, which has always been a high standards travel.

Getting to know Tripoli you will discover its many secret beauties that will leave you feeling like you’ve travelled through time! Whether you find yourself here for a business trip or you want to tour Arcadia, Tripoli awaits all year round to reveal its secret grandeur

Discover the heart of Arcadia

The modern face of Tripoli is uniquely associated with its historical past. A walk in the inner city will reveal numerous architectural gems, squares and historic streets. Every corner of Tripoli hides a treasure!


The secret paradise of the world

In this secret corner of the Peloponnese, with the unruly rivers, hidden valleys and unspoilt nature you will discover a unique travel destination for all seasons.


Magical routes based in Tripoli

As Tripoli dominates the heart of Arcadia, it is the perfect starting point to discover this extraordinary territory with countless natural and archaeological treasures. Just outside the city, and beyond incredibly beautiful, longer journeys, a whole world is waiting for you to discover!


Miracles in the depths of the earth

We are at the Kapsia caves. Experts have placed it on the elite list of the 10 most remarkable caves of the Greek territory. Located in the region of the closed geological basin of Mantinea’s plateau, it is associated with the complex system of natural sinks that characterise the aquifer.


The Athos of Peloponnese

Tripoli is located in the heart of Arcadia and having the modern city as your base, you can tour the ancient monasteries and shrines which dominate the beautiful scenery. Due to the number of historical monasteries that make Arcadia exquisite, it is also called “Mount Athos of Peloponnese”.