Magical routes

based in Tripoli

As Tripoli holds a prominent position in the heart of Arcadia it is the perfect starting point to discover this breathtaking territory with countless natural and archaeological treasures. Just outside the city, and beyond incredibly beautiful long journeys, a whole world is waiting for you to be revealed!

Just 15 km from Tripoli you will discover one of the most beautiful caves of Europe, Kapsia. In the depths of Mantinea a real work of nature with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites will reveal itself to you, with such mesmerizing beautiful halls beyond our imagination! A natural underground palace, just 15 km from the heart of Tripoli.

Small tours around Tripoli
If you want to enjoy nature just outside Tripoli, there are marvellous routes that will amaze you and make you lose track of time. Just five km from Tripoli you will come upon a typical Arcadian village, Perithori in a magical hillside of Mainalon where you will find an active cultural centre. Just a little further down, you will rest under Pausanias’ tree, a real monument of nature over 2000 years old! Following the same path, you will find yourself in the stunning Monastery of Epano Chrepa, with an endless view and mystical atmosphere. In the same area an ancient temple of Aphrodite can be found.

Having Tripoli as you base you can start discovering the Arcadian nature, following the route of Tripoli – Valtetsi – Arachamites – Grove of Metamorhosis – Ano Asea – Alpheus Asea springs – Poseidon Temple. You will be enchanted by the Alpheus River; you will discover untouched nature and explore ancient, mystical temples.
If you want to roam the roads of fine wine, taste unique experiences and enjoy hospitality as can be found only in Arcadia, then you have to take the route of Tripoli – Steno – Vineyards in Moschofilero Agiorgitiko – Byzantine mouchli -Partheni Train Station – Eleochori. The authentic Arcadia will be revealed to you.

Another exciting proposal is to get to know ancient Arcadia through the route of Tripoli – Lake Taka – Ancient Palladio – Episkopi Tegeas – Archaelogical Museum of Alea – The Temple of Athena Alea. You will unveil all the secrets of this ancient land, that Pausanias praised and explored, but which was also worshipped by travellers from all over the world!