Discover the heart of Arcadia

Tripoli is one of the most historic cities of the Peloponnese. A modern, vibrant city just 157 km from Athens, it is an ideal destination all year round. It is the natural centre of Arcadia, a region with vast history and beauty, which has always been a high-standards travel destination.

Once you get to know Tripoli you will discover many secret beauties that will leave you feeling like you’ve travelled through time! Whether you find yourself here on a business trip or you want to tour Arcadia, Tripoli awaits all year round to reveal its secret grandeur.

Hidden gems

The modern face of Tripoli is uniquely linked to its historic past. A stroll in the inner city areas will reveal numerous architectural gems, squares and historic streets. Every corner of Tripoli hides a treasure!

See the emblematic Cathedral in the central square of Saint Vassilios, with its fine architecture, built in the place that Bekir Pasha Mosque used to be.

Take an enjoyable stroll in one of the largest and most attractive squares of Greece, the Areos square. Chic cafés and luxurious but at the same time traditional restaurants are waiting for you around the square to experience the authentic taste of Tripoli’s nightlife.

Keep in mind that Tripoli is famous for its amazing cuisine and lively nightlife. Don’t forget to taste the gastronomy that is considered one of the richest in Greece. When you find yourself here, get into the rhythm of a nightlife that never stops.
Visit one of the most beautiful urban groves throughout the country, the green and lush paradise of St. George. The grove of Tripoli is a secret treasure in the heart of the city! Immerse yourself in the alluring paths of St. George, discover the excellent amphitheatre which hosts summer performances and concerts, feel the city hustle disappearing magically, giving way to magical, lush scenery! And all this without even leaving the city centre!
Unique attractions
When in Tripoli visit the remarkably rich Archaeological Museum to introduce yourself in the vast history of Arcadia. The area, inhabited since the beginning of recorded history, is an archaeological exhibit in its entirety, of course, but an introduction to the amazing exhibits of the Archaeological Museum will fascinate you.

As Tripoli is a deeply historic city, there is always something to admire at every step. Large and small churches, old mansions – here you will find the ancestral home of one of our greatest poets, Kostas Karyotakis – cosy warm places, cafés, neoclassical gems are waiting for you to reveal the secrets of this beautiful city!

Having the Anaktorikon Hotel as your starting point, you will be able to discover a beautiful, lively and bustling city that will charm you with its everyday pace and history, its friendly spots and tasty suggestions